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Over 37,000 affordable legal kits and paralegal services delivered since 2001. Save yourself from the stress and thousands of dollars in legal fees over traditional legal services.

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We are simplifying the legal process to make it affordable and accessible for all Australians. Our products help you control costs and access the information and tools you need to complete your legal matter.

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Our paralegal services can save you up to 90% of the cost of traditional legal services yet achieve the same beneficial legal outcome.

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All legal kits and paralegal services are approved by our panel of independent collaborative law firms.

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Our legal kits and services are offered at a fixed price—no hidden charges or extra costs (see our Terms and Conditions).

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We have been offering affordable legal kits and paralegal services continuously since 2001—the first and still the best.

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We have a team of experienced support staff that you can call or email regarding your enquiries.

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Our aim is to help you with your legal challenges in the most cost-efficient and stress-free way possible.

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It is possible for you to address your own legal problem with the help of our kits and services. Read some of our testimonials to find out how our clients addressed their legal matter.

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Some of the trusted law firms that are part of the AussieLegal network.

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We offer articles on a wide range of legal topics. Search for more information about your legal matter and demystify the legal process.

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Estate Planning
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Safekeeping Your Original Will

Find out why safekeeping your original Will is very important in ensuring your nominated executor can have a successful probate application.