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The breakdown of a relationship is a very stressful time. Sorting out your financial arrangements is likely to be among your top priorities. If you have reached an agreement on how your assets and liabilities are to be divided, then you should formally document your agreement through a Binding Financial Agreement or BFA, also called a separation agreement. This is essential if you need to split superannuation, transfer real estate and refinance mortgages. BFAs are fully enforceable in the Family Court and are recognised by the Offices of State Revenue for stamp duty exemption.

Why use this service?

  • Save time
  • Save thousands of dollars in legal fees over traditional legal services
  • Essential for splitting superannuation or real estate transfers
  • Full Customer Support
  • The price is fixed - no surprises
  • Solicitor approved kit
  • Fully enforceable in the Family Court with certification
  • Certification through panel of independent law firms
  • Advising law firms specialise in BFAs
  • Cost of DIY kit is refunable on upgrade
  • AussieLegal established in 1999


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This kit includes: $89.95 $2,475.00
Instruction book (PDF format)
Agreement that can be edited (Word format)
Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions
Examples & explanation of the law
A review of your information and plans
Preparation of BFA with approval from our panel of independent law firms
Legal advice and certification from 2 independent law firms
Solicitors are very experienced family law practitioners specialising in BFAs
Fully enforceable in the Family Court
Refund of $89.95 on upgrade to BFA PLUS
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BFA Template
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        SEPARATION BFA Template - How It Works...

1.) ORDER: Select State and download or order by post, secure payment by credit card.
2.) INSTRUCTION BOOK: Includes step-by-step instructions and examples (PDF).
3.) BFA TEMPLATE: Includes blank BFA (Word) that can be edited.
4.) LEGAL ADVICE: Independent legal advice is required to comply with Family Law Act.
4.) UPGRADE TO BFA PLUS: Have your BFA certified - call 1300 728 200.